Learning through social interaction,

coding, gamification and activity




Learning by Playing

Today, children use a variety of digital devices for multiple purposes. One consequence is a more passive lifestyle. 

We already know that five of our senses are connected to movement and that we learn by using all five of them.


According to research, a lack of language comprehension can lead to significant difficulties when it comes to a person's ability to orientate in our new digitalized society.

We need to be educated and taught in new ways in order to be able to manage our everyday life.


Our approach to this problem, is

Learning by Playing.

Our Product

DIGme is a digital tool that enables children to learn how to read and write by combining the latest pedagogics and didactics with technology and activity.


Coding, gamification and social interaction will stimulate motivation when completing individual adapted tasks.

As an educational tool DIGme has shown to improve both mental and physical health. 



Our Pedagogic Methods

The best of didactics and digital innovation is what we offer.

DIGme combines learning and playing to stimulate the senses and make learning fun.




DIGme learning was founded in 2019 in Stavanger, Norway.


We won both Gründerhub final and became top five in Most promising creative tech start up in Norway. 

The DIGme team believes that language comprehension is a door opener for all learning, both professional and social.


You can be sure that DIGme learning offer a high quality product and service.


Meet the founders

Atle Lundseth



Tel: +47  461 25 862

email: atle@digmelearning.no

Maj-Elin Milla Heigre


Pedagog & COO

Tel: +47 922 27 701

email: milla@digmelearning.no